Our services are shooting specific.  If you are enquiring about other services please contact us.

We are specialists within the shooting sports industry, working heavily with regional squads however we also work with individuals.

We offer a variety of coaching and instructional solutions for the beginner through to the experienced athlete either as an individual or as part of a group.

The services we offer include:

  • Technical coaching/instruction for both groups or individual shooters.
  • Fitness training for the shooter.
  • Drop in sessions for clubs / counties / squads.
  • Talks / Demonstrations / Workshops.
  • Training plan creations.
  • Goal setting sessions.
  • Training session using electronic means.

Solutions designed for the improving shooter

For the individual shooter we offer the following solutions:

Quick Win Sessions

Got a re-occurring problem that you are unable to solve? Then this session could be for you! Our Quick Win Sessions are designed to identify and resolve those annoying little issues that once resolved could easily add points onto your score/average.

Positional Rebuilds

Not happy with your position? Experiencing discomfort when shooting? It might be that you need your position re-building. During a Positional Rebuild we break the position down and if needed start from scratch. Rebuilding your position around you to create a stable, solid and comfortable individual position that you are happy with.

Introduction to Outdoor Shooting

Are you a short range shooter who wants to venture outdoors? Our introduction to outdoor shooting goes through everything you need to know to take that first step outdoors and compete. We go through everything from entering your first competition to reading the weather at a level to get you going.

Introduction to Other Positions

Want to start standing and kneeling but not sure how? Then let us help. We have a structured approach to help you get started and we will assist you in the process. Taking around 3 hours per position we look to show you the fundamentals of the standing and kneeling positions and get you started by building your position with you. Not only does this save you time and effort but it assists in enjoying the position and dramatically reduces the frustration you can experience with these complex, technical positions.

Advanced Sessions

We offer a variety of advanced sessions ranging from a detailed look at individual technique through to a comprehensive evaluation of equipment set-ups all in an effort to raise your scores that extra few points when other techniques have been exhausted.

Solutions designed for the athlete with aspirations to get to the top

Training Plan Creation

Want to get more out of your shooting sessions. Let us help you create a training plan to maximise your efforts and get the most out of your sessions.

Goal Setting Sessions

Do you have a dream but the road is unclear? Then let us help you document your goal and help you pave the way to success.

Monthly Coaching

This service is designed for the experienced shooter looking for structure within their training. In combining many elements of our services we take a realistic look at your month(s) ahead and work with you to provide a plan that works with your goals, commitments and present ability together with up to 2 face to face sessions and a coach on call.

Solutions for Clubs or Groups of shooters

These sessions are designed for groups of shooters whether Clubs, Schools, Universities, Regional Squads, National Teams or just a group of mates needing a hand.

Club “Drop In” Sessions

This service is available to groups of shooters who want a coach on hand to address those quick win and positional rebuild sessions.


You name the subject and we will come along and give you a presentation on it!! All our presentations are designed to suit your requirements as well as being informative, easy to understand and interesting.


Combined with Presentations we can also provide demonstrations of various subjects. Our speciality areas are positional demonstrations and testing to get the most out of your rifle.


Fancy a set curriculum for the day? Let us help by holding a workshop for your club/group. Our workshops consist of a presentation followed by practical exercises after which we evaluate the session and hold a group Q&A.

All our services are offered on a mix and match basis – whatever you require, we can provide it!

If any of our solutions are of interest to you or you require further information, please don’t hesitate to contact us.

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